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Cashew: Rich Taste Nut

This post will take you through the steps of harvesting, roasting, and finally eating the Tasty Fresh "Shell Roasted Cashew nuts". The step by step process is discussed here. Please do not to try this at home, when alone.

STEP 1: Cashew Tree

The first thing you need is a cashew tree. If you don't have one you can borrow one from your neighbour.

STEP 2: Pick Fruit
Cashew apple is the false fruit where as the Nut is the true fruit.Cashew apples are extremely sweet and are used to make jellies, chutneys, wines and vinegar. They are the juiciest fruit we have ever seen. After falling from the tree they completely decompose in about three days.Pick the fruit from the tree.

STEP 3: Separate Fruits
Separate the true fruit from the false fruit. The cashew nut is kidney-shaped drupe, which is covered with a hard shell by nature.

Step 4: Gather Nuts
Gather the collected nuts in a separate stainer.Once gathered its time to start the roasting process.WARNING: Before starting the roasting process please be aware that the cashew drupes contain a caustic dermatogenic phenolic resin called
urushiol. This delightful substance, also found in sumac, poison ivy, and poison oak, causes skin inflammation, uncontrollable itchiness, and possibly fluid filled pustules. If you follow this directions exactly, you may just end up covered in this stuff.

STEP 5: Fire up the Grill
Place a handful of drupes on a hot grill and watch them burn. The drupes soon catch fire and begin to ooze thick black oil. This type of roasting is strictly not recommended for indoors. As the drupes begin to burn, they sometimes shoot out jets of flaming resin. If the flaming cashew drupes get out of control, please quickly remove them from the flame.

STEP 6: Repeat STEP 5 (Less Heat)
If your cashew drupes burst into flame and begin exploding, your fire is too hot. You want to the drupes to smoke and sputter resin in a somewhat controlled manner.

STEP 7: Avoid Smoke
Roasting cashew drupes give off a thick white smoke. This smoke is pretty nasty stuff and please avoid breathing it. Because it is the smoke emitted by boiling urushiol resin,take more care that the some doesn't get into eye.

STEP 8: Cooling and Cracking
As soon as the cashew drupes are no longer sputtering caustic resin they can be removed from heat for cooling. Once the drupe gets cooled.The drupes were hammered.

STEP 9: Wear Gloves (and long pants, and a shirt)
If at any time during the cashew roasting process you find your hands covered in
urushiol resin (see picture below) you have made a serious error. If you do happen to get urushiol on your hands during the roasting process do not for any reason touch any part of your body unless you want that part of your body to itch for the next two weeks.

STEP 10: Clean and Re-roast
Once the cashew nuts and the cashew drupes have been separated the nuts should be cleaned and roasted in the oven on a low temperature for several hours. This is done to ensure that any remaining urishiol is cooked away.

STEP 11: Taste it
Although you have came across a dangerous process you may forget everything as soon as you enjoy the taste of it.

As far as the nuts go, cashews deserve a lot of respect. How do they taste? They taste awesome.But after tasting this type of roasted cashews once, your heart will pledge you again and again to taste this "Shell Roasted Cashew nuts"s.So just forget the knowledge you have gathered about the "Shell Roasted Cashew nuts" here itself.

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 Cashew: Rich Taste Nut

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