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♥ Cashew Process Overview ..

Cashewnut Processing:
India was the first countr
y to hit the world market with cashew kernels.

India is the largest producer,processor and exporter of cashews in the world.

The raw cashew nuts collected from the growing areas are moved to the factories for processing..

It is ensured that the raw nuts are thoroughly cleaned and are free from all foreign matter before they are taken for processing. The processing of cashew is done by any of the four methods -- Sun Drying, Drum Roasting, Oil Bath Roasting and Steam Cooking.
Step by step Process:
1) Sun Drying:
The raw cashew nuts are simply dried in the sun for a few days and shelled with out temp.

2) Roasting:

There are three main types of roasting: Open Plan Roasting, Drum Roasting, and Hot Oil Roasting – for more info on roasting, see Cashew Industry – Udupi Pages, Cashew Nut Processing (PDF File), Cashew Roasting Machine

Drum Roasting:
In Drum Roasting, the nuts are heated at high temperature is a rotating drum and then shelled.

Oil Bath Roasting:
In this method, the nuts get roasted in a bath or cashew shell liquid and also the cashew nut shell liquid (CNSL) is extracted.

3) Steaming:
It is another improved method adopted in Cashew processing. The nuts are steamed so as to make the shell soft and then cut open to get the kernel.

4) De-Shelling:
De-shelling, when the outer shell is removed. The de-shelling (also called shelling) can either be manual or mechanised - Cashew Cutting & Shelling Machines.This entire process is done manually where each person can work around 50 to 70 kgs. of Raw Cashewnuts per day.

5) Peeling:

The roasted /steamed rawnuts are opened by cutting or by using mallets.

And the outer red testa, which is attached to the Kernels will be peeled off with a small knife after drying in a borma.The entire process is done manually.

7) Grading:

The peeled cashew kernels are graded according to its size, shape, colour and its maturity.

8) Other Process:

There could be other processes downstream, when more value addition takes place – salting, roasting of the nuts, addition of these nuts into various snacks etc.

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