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The cashew apple is the yellowish-orange part that's attached to the fruit. Cashew apples are juicy but somewhat astringent due to a high concentration of tannin. The so-called "cashew apple" is a pseudofruit, because it is only the swollen stalk of the true fruit. The true fruit is the cashew nut.Be careful of the grayish fruit that encloses the nut. It contains toxic oils.
The actual fruit is the nut, the "apple" is a swollen stem. Cashew "apple" is eaten fresh, candied, or stewed. They have a sweet & astringent taste, and are somewhat chewy. The nut itself is caustic until roasted, and they should be roasted outside because the fumes can be irritating. They are very fast growing under favorable conditions, and they can fruit in just two years.

Cashew splits are embedded in pastry and many oriental sweets

The most popular use of cashew is in the form of its edible nut. The cashew fruit is one of nature's wonders. What most people call cashew, is actually the seed of the fruit, attached from the exterior to the apple.The cashew fruit is one of nature's wonders. What most people call cashew, is actually the seed of the fruit, attached from the exterior to the fruit as seen in the picture.The fruit itself has an intense taste, varying from sweet to pungent, depending its species, and detaches easily from the cashew nut.

Oil Roasted Cashew - The biggest use of cashew is as oil – roasted snack. They are a healthy and premium alternative to common snacks.
Curries etc - Cashew flour and paste are used in most Asian sweets and gravies

Cashew Sweets – Kaju katli is most favourite amongst Cashew Sweets
A Premium Snack - Natural, Roasted or coated with spices, chocolate, yogurt or honey

The Nutty Ingredient in Confectionery - The texture and flavor of dry-roasted cashew in ice creams and chocolates is unmistakable

Dry Roasted Cashew - Dry Roasting enhances the delicate flavor of cashew and makes it more suitable for ice cream, chocolate and candy.

Cashew Juice - Did you know that the cashew tree not only produces the well known cashew nut, but also a nutrient rich fruit, called the cashew apple? The cashew juice from this fruit is one of the top selling juices in Brazil.
Cashew fruit juice was introduced eight years ago by Suppalak, the first drink of its kind in Asia. Today, the product is offered in several flavors. Cashew fruit juice is a healthy drink which can help cure a sore throat and improve the digestive system.
“The cashew fruit juice is high in vitamin C and contains antioxidant and anti cancer substances. Now local farmers don’t throw away cashew fruit ; instead they learn how to collect the fruit for sale to factories.”, said Suppalak. Cashew fruit juice can help farmers earn more income, as another product they can sell. Cashew fruit juice has received a patent and has already been exported to Austria and Turkey.

Cashew Wine - Everyone knows that cashew nuts are consumed for food, but cashew wine, which is made from the cashew apple, is a very popular drink in West Africa.